In Search Of The Ideal Split System Air Conditioning Solution

A split system allows you to utilize one outdoor unit for powering and supplying multiple indoor units. Having multiple indoor units makes it possible for you to set individual temperatures for every room in your home. The settings can be controlled and the units can be adjusted to improve your comfort level. Split system units are cost efficient as well and help you save money compared to conventional air conditioning systems. In addition, they are easy to maintain and inexpensive to install.

Split System Air ConditioningInverter technology is used by the split system to create high speed heating and cooling. That allows you to get the temperature adjusted exactly how you want it more quickly than you could with powered system that was non-inverter. Our split systems have all been designed for your comfort. Many of the features are automatic and will work with whatever temperature you find the most comfortable. Since they are able to switch from cooling a room down to heating it up, split system units offer the best solution for ensuring that you stay comfortable.

Types Of Split System Air Conditioners

Wall Split Systems

There are two main parts that make up a wall split system- the outdoor compressor unit is mounted on either the roof, a wall bracket or aero-stand feet (which is what Rapid recommends), and an indoor unit that is mounted onto a wall, inside the house close to the roof cornices. Insulated copper pipe connects the two components and then is connected to the mains power board or a local power source, depending on power availability, brand and size.

Wall Split Systems have been designed to provide heating and cooling comfort inside whatever room they get installed in. Since you are able control the temperature of a specific room, it makes them very energy efficient. Quality brands comes with purifying filters which helps to ensure that the air is fresh and clean and also powerful enough for the air to move throughout all parts of a room, and still being quiet at the same time. Wall Split Systems are aesthetically pleasing and compact, and have been designed to blend into the room’s decor.

Ceiling Cassette System

There are also two parts that make up a ceiling cassette system and its works the same way that a wall split system works except that instead of being mounted on the wall, the indoor component gets mounted on the roof space. A ceiling cassette system is a great option to consider if you either want your unit to be concealed or there is no wall available for mounting an indoor unit.

Multi-Head Split System

Multi Head Split SystemThere are at least two head units for one compressor unit with this type of system. It is possible to have a combination of a ceiling cassette indoor unit and wall splits system connected to a single compressor unit. The compressor unit’s KW size is determined by the indoor unit’s KW size. This option is good when you don’t have enough outdoor space for multiple compressor units.

Installation Process

At this point in the process of you searching for the ideal split system air conditioning solution, maybe you have heard the phrase ‘standard back to back’ installation used for describing a basic kind of split system installation. However what does that actually mean and what does this kind of installation look like and what is included when Rapid performs this type of installation?

Standard Back to Back Installation

This kind of installation is one that occurs on the ground floor of a tile and brick home. The indoor unit get installed on an external wall inside and the outdoor compressor unit gets installed on the same wall directly behind and outside.

The following materials are used for installing standard back to back split system air conditioning system:

  • 15m Electrical Supply Cable
  • 2m Drain Pipe
  • 2m UV Resistant Duct Cover
  • 3m Insulated Copper Pipe
  • Aero-stand rubber feet- $49 value, free of charge
  • Air conditioner delivery and recycle and rubbish removal (for purchases made with us)
  • 5 Year Workmanship Warranty, Advice for Lifetime.

We only use the finest materials, that have been manufactured and designed to withstand Australia’s harsh environment. Everything that we do from beginning to end centers around quality.

Whenever you are comparing prices with what other installation companies are offering, be sure to compare apple with apples. For example, some companies include only 2m copper pipe (there are manufacturers that state that a 3 minimum must be used) and the compressor unit isn’t installed on aerostand feet, but rather directly on the ground. All good installation companies and manufacturers recommend for the compressor unit to be mounted off of the ground to prevent rubbish from collecting underneath the unit and to allow for airflow.

Other Types Of Installation

Split System Air Conditoning InstallationSome split system air condition installations are not standard back to back. For example, maybe you would like to install your air conditioner compressor on the roof or a balcony or perhaps the indoor unit might have to be installed on one of the internal walls. A site visit is usually recommended for any installations that aren’t standard back to back to ensure that aren’t any surprised on installation day, and so that you will know precisely what expenses you might incur. Give us a call today to receive your free onsite quote.

You can rest assured whenever you work with us that you will be provided with support on a continuous basis. Even after we have installed your system, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team will be happy to answer any questions you might have and take care of your concerns.

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