Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse-cycle air conditioning offers the benefit of cooling your home when you want refuge from the hot Brisbane sun, then shifting gears to provide heat when it’s cold outside. Both cooling and heating come through the same outlets that are installed in the desired rooms or zones of your home, all connected to a single outdoor unit.Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

These AC systems—also referred to as split-system air conditioning—feature an outside compressor unit and indoor condenser. They function by extracting heat from the outside air to warm the inside of the home, then reversing the process to cool the home via discreet units placed in each room.

Major brands offer several models of reverse-cycle air conditioning so you can find the options you want, including the ability to choose the design and placement of your indoor units. You may also want the option of being able to add more indoor units into the system as your needs change or you embark on a home expansion.

Along with heating and cooling functions, advantages to reverse-cycle air conditioning include (1) an economical, energy-efficient means of cooling and heating the home, (2) suitability for one room/zone or several, (3) quiet operation (4) sleek, unobtrusive appearance, and (5) the ability to filter and de-humidify air.

The cost for a split system can vary widely, from $1,000 to $7,000 depending on the number and the size of “splits”—or separate cooling/heating zones—in your home. Of course, purchase price is only one factor in the overall cost of any system. You should also consider how the operating costs will impact your budget. This will depend on how much space you wish you cool, how well insulated your home is, and how often and at what temperature you expect to use it each day.

Our experts are available to help you sort through the factors that will impact not only your purchase and installation investment but the system’s long-term operating costs. We can also help you navigate the various options available from the major brands that we specialise in.

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