Panasonic Air Conditioning

We are proud to supply, install and maintain a broad range of Panasonic air conditioning products—including inverter ducted systems, ECONAVI reverse-cycle inverters, cooling-only inverters, inverter cassettes, inverter under-ceiling, and standard reverse-cycle inverter systems.

Panasonic represents some of the latest innovations in air conditioning technology while offering consumers a lot of choice in finding the product to fit their unique needs. Panasonic products are also designed for Australian conditions, offering cool temperatures inside even in summer temperatures outdoors up to 46 degrees C, while the heating will operate even on a frigid -20C day.

Panasonic Air ConditioningMeanwhile, Panasonic’s innovative inverter technology allows its air conditioners to operate at minimal power levels, saving energy and providing more consistent room temperature.

Here are additional highlights of that several models of air conditioning innovations Panasonic offer:

  • ECONONAVI (eco-navigation) technology, available in the Panasonic reverse-cycle inverter system. ECONONAVI’s sensor technology software automatically monitors changes in a room’s environment (including human activity) and make adjustments accordingly to save money and energy.
  • Advanced anti-bacterial filters with anti-allergen, anti-virus and anti-bacterial protection.
  • Highly flexible options in both indoor and outdoor units.

Please let us help walk you through the many options in technology, styles, and specific features Panasonic offers.

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