LG Air Conditioning

From full-home ducted air conditioning systems to split systems, multi-split systems and window wall units, we are pleased to supply and maintain LG air conditioning products. Advanced technology and style are among LG’s major selling points across the board.LG Air Conditioning

A wide range of other special features are available depending on your budget, home specifications, lifestyle preferences and the type of air conditioning you choose. Here are just a few:

  • Inverter (variable-speed) technology for maximum air-temperature consistency and efficiency
  • Dual heating/cooling functions on almost every model
  • LG’s proprietary GoldFin anti-corrosive coating on outdoor units for superior protection against the elements
  • Optimised 4-way airflow to maintain consistent temperature throughout the room or target zone
  • Auto clean, which dries the wet heat exchanger to help prevent mould and bacteria
  • 8-step plasma air purifying system
  • Sleep/quiet operation mode
  • ARTCOOL changeable panels that allow you to choose or change the color of your indoor units to blend in with your décor

With so many types, models and features to choose from, please allow one of our experienced representatives to walk you through your selection of the LG air conditioning product that best meets your needs.

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