Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Fujitsu Air ConditioningOne of the best-known brands worldwide, Fujitsu air conditioning features cutting-edge technology in both its ducted and split systems. The Fujitsu ductless air conditioners in particular win rave reviews for the Halcyon HFI (Hybrid Flex Inverter) technology, providing both heating and cooling in a variety of climates.

Fujitsu’s single-zone products offer several innovative options depending on the model you choose. Among single-zone systems, Fujitsu’s inverter technology, which is considered quieter, up to 30 percent more energy efficient and able to reach desired temperatures quickly, make these systems a popular choice.

Other features (depending on the model you choose) include programmable remote control and “ESP” (Energy Saving Program), which senses when you’ve left the room for a while and adjusts by raising the set temperature on hot days or lowering it on cold days.

Fujitsu’s multi-zone systems also come standard with inverter technology and can provide temperature control in anywhere from two to eight zones, depending on the model. They feature individual zoning so you can set different temperatures for different rooms, and a variety of styles (wall-mounted, cassette or slim duct, which offers the look of central air conditioning) to choose from for your indoor units.

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