Brands We Work With

As part of our commitment to providing only the highest level of customer service, we made a decision long ago only to install and service air conditioning brands and products that we believe will provide quality and value to homeowners. We want every customer to rest assured they have made an investment in an air conditioning system that will provide excellent performance that improves the comfort of their living spaces, add value to their homes and serve them well for years to come.

We install and service some of the most reputable brands in the industry. These are companies and products we know well and have extensive experience installing and servicing, so we are well qualified to discuss with you the many options available.

These brands include:

Our longstanding reputation with these manufacturers enables us to get you the parts you need quickly and at a fair price as well as knowledgeably answer any questions you have about the different features that each brand—and each model within the brand—offers.

Please feel free to read our overviews of some of the models and benefits of different brands that we install and service. Better still, call us to arrange a free consultation about your specific needs. We pride ourselves on helping homeowners make the best decision possible about the brand and type of air conditioning system that fits their living spaces, budget and lifestyle preferences.

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