Should Your Air Conditioner Be Repaired Or Replaced?

Have you gone to crank up your AC system only to find that all it is going to put out on a hot day is a puff of warm air? If you have a newer unit, this could be an easy fix. However, if you have an older system, it could be time to call a technician. Before you pick up the phone to call someone for repairs, you may actually find that replacement of your existing system with a newer unit will be more economical over both the short and long term.

A newer unit may seem out of your budget initially, but there are some aspects that you should take into consideration when it comes to making the decision as to whether you need to repair or replace your system.

Running Costs And Energy Efficiency

When your unit is running like it should be, is it still being efficient? An older system could be a major draining factor on your electricity, as it will utilize less energy efficient technology. Look at your past electricity bills and think about whether or not a new unit will save you more over the long haul.

Ongoing Maintenance Fees

Once you have a quote on maintenance, do some research on the costs of a new AC system. If repairs are conducted, will this fix your problems permanently or is there going to be a risk of your system breaking down in the near future? As any system ages, it can become more difficult to find the right parts for replacement, which can result in repairs that become more costly each time. Additionally, once repairs are done, you need to consider whether or not your system is up and running at top performance or if it is a drain on your budget and electricity.

Age Of Your System

The age of a system should always be a major factor that you consider when it comes to figuring out if you want to repair or replace. Looking at the type of unit that you have and the care and usage, any air conditioner should last you up to 20 years. After that time passes, the parts will be more susceptible to wear and tear and age and will therefore reduce reliability.

Older systems are also prone to quitting, without having any prior warning of problems and making it difficult to determine the issue and whether or not it needs replacement or repairs. Newer systems could display a fault code, which will give you a good idea of what problem you are facing and make a diagnosis easier.

The Type Of System

Do you have a system that is serving its purpose well? If you have added rooms or renovated, is the old system able to keep up with the capacity to cool the additional space? Your growing family could need air conditioning in more rooms. Alternatively, you may see that your old evaporative unit is not serving you well enough, making it a smarter move to go with a reverse cycle system.

Not Sure?

We will be able to offer advice and assist you when it comes to the best air conditioning unit for your home. Simply contact us and we will come visit you to provide a no obligation, free quote.

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