Tips For Optimal AC System Performance

Are you looking for air conditioner performance tips? You’ve come to the right place. Check out the tips below.

  1. Close off areas of the home that don’t need the air conditioning. Close bathroom doors and bedroom doors too. This will allow the air to go where it is required and will provide you with maximum efficiency.
  2. Ensure doors are slightly ajar if you have rooms you don’t use and if they have open zones. This will allow the air to go to the return air grille. Also, check to make sure windows and doors outside are closed because you don’t want air to escape.
  3. Keep the curtains close. This can reduce excess heat entering into the home. Do this especially on sunny days.
  4. Clean the return air filter every 12 weeks, and remove the hose and the filter because you’ll want to leave it out to dry. After you replace the filter, make sure the symbol is flashing, which it should do if you press the filter reset button. Replace the return air filters every year, and if you need a replacement filter, then you can contact the nearest store that sells them.
  5. Reset your AC system before you contact an air conditioning professional, if there are technical issues within your system. Sometimes surges or power dropouts can cause an issue with the operating system, and sometimes you can just hit the reset button to get it running again. Find out where the external isolator switch is on your system and turn it off for about three minutes. If it doesn’t go back on, then contact a professional to look at it.
  6. There are some common queries. Some of them you should know about. Some of these queries can be found below.
  7. When your AC system is working, it may be common to see water on the ground, right near the main unit. This is actually normal. This is because of condensation of moisture, so there’s no need to panic.
  8. Smoke may come from the unit when the weather is cold. However, this is actually just steam and it just resembles smoke. This happens when the unit is set on de-ice mode and as long as the unit completes its de-icing cycling, then there’s nothing to worry about.
  9. If your outlets don’t produce enough air flow, then check the zones. See how many are open and close any that don’t have to remain open. This may improve air flow.
  10. Try to use your unit’s timer function because this may help improve efficiency. During the cold winter months, you can set the AC to an hour before you are due to get up. Make sure you set the temperature to 21 degrees and then as the day goes on, you can slowly raise the temperature. This is better than trying to warm your entire home in just one shot.

If you have an issue with your AC, then contact a professional. You should contact the company that installed your AC system or contact our team and we will gladly provide assistance.

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