Cost Savings And Air Conditioning

Before the advent of room cooling, yes, people survived. Even in the hottest months in Brisbane, air conditioning was once considered something of a luxury. But homeowners have since realized that achieving more comfortable temperatures inside not only provides personal comfort but can prevent health risks when temperatures outside soar—while giving personal productivity a boost as well. After all, when your house feels like a sauna, do you really feel like doing much more than lying in bed with an ice pack, hoping for a cool breeze to pass through the window?

Of course, it’s equally true that AC comes at a price, from the purchase of the system itself to installation, servicing and operating costs. However, as an investment in your home and valuable selling point in the future, a good system will definitely help pay for itself down the road. Meanwhile, operating costs continue to go down as AC systems become more energy efficient than ever.

There are also smart tips you can follow to get the most out of your system while saving money at the same time:

  1. Choose the system that’s best for your needs. There are relatively inexpensive options these days that will get the job done without investing in a ducted system. At the same time, many of the larger systems that cost more upfront offer long-term savings in operating costs with features such as the ability to cool only certain rooms at different times of day.
  2. Clean air filters regularly. A clean filter is more energy efficient, which translates into cost savings on your energy bill. Having an annual check-up on your system will also ensure it’s operating at maximum energy efficiency.
  3. Use ceiling fans in conjunction with your system. People sometimes think of AC as a replacement for fans, but by boosting air circulation on a hot day, a ceiling fan is a great complement to air conditioning and can allow you to turn up the temperature on your thermostat while still feeling cool and comfortable.

The most important thing when it comes to cost savings and air conditioning is to let an experienced expert advise you on the system that offers the best cost-benefit ratio for your circumstances. We offer free consultations to evaluate your living spaces, help walk you through your options and give you an idea of what you should expect to pay both in upfront investment and long-term operating costs. Call us today and we’ll find the solution that’s best for you.

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