Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Filters

In order to make sure that your air conditioning system will run efficiently and that you get the quality air that you deserve, it is best that you maintain your system and clean the filters on a regular basis. The airflow can be reduced by about 50% due to clogged, dirty filters that will block the flow and cut back on efficiency.

If you have a ducted air conditioning system, it is recommended cleaning the filters about every three months, which you can do on your own. However, if you are not sure about the process, you can employ the help of professionals to clean it for you. If you happen to have allergies or pets, it is a good idea to clean out the filters once a month, especially during the summer. Ducted air conditioning systems have filters that have a return grill that is located in your ceiling. Split systems will have a filter mounted in the grill facing into the room.

Most all filters are washable and reusable, and there will be some filters that need replacing.

These are some helpful steps for cleaning your filters:

If you have a split system, you need to carefully pull the filter out, remaining aware that the vent that is behind is not damaged at all. Rinse out the filter in your tub or sink with a little bit of dishwasher liquid and a soft bristle brush to get additional debris out.

It will be best to let the filter dry naturally. Once dry, it is recommended that you go over it using a dust buster or a vacuum hose to get any dirt that is still remaining. After your air filter is clean and then fully dry, you can snap it back into your unit.

For a ducted system, unscrew your retaining nut. Your frame will hinge downward, thus exposing the filter. Slide the filter out of the frame and hose it off to clean it until all of the dust is gone. You can then hose from the other direction, shaking off excess water and leaving it to dry naturally. After it is dry, you can reinstall the grill frame, closing it and screwing the grill back into place.

If you are unsure of the stages of cleaning your filter in your system, contact us for assistance.

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