Frequently Asked Questions

Here we look at at some questions you may still have about air conditioning. Most of our questions relate to topics that our customers have an interest in, such whether AC affects the environment, how air conditioning can actually save you some money and what you should look for in a good AC specialist. Feel free to get more information by clicking a link below.

To learn about why it’s important to clean and replace your air conditioning filters, click here.

To find out how to maintain and run your air conditioning at an optimal performance, click here.

If you are wondering whether to continue repairing your unit, or actually replace your system, click here.

If you’re on the fence about air conditioning and want to learn why it’s a smart move to invest in it, please click here.

To learn about how an old AC system is costing you money, click here.

Seen the Deice mode before? Click here to learn what that actually is.

Find out about energy saving tips and how to minimise your energy use while having an AC system by clicking here.

If we don’t answer your questions there, feel free to contact us.

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