AC Installation & Service

An air conditioning system represents a large investment, and you need someone you can trust to install it correctly, perform routine maintenance and fix it when malfunctions occur. As with a car or any other complicated equipment, choosing the right service provider means finding someone who is familiar with your brand/model of units or system. It also means checking their references and credentials. Brisbane homeowners deserve a contractor who can give qualified advice about the best system for their needs and an honest assessment of any necessary maintenance work and repairs, always at a fair price.

Installing an AC System in your Home

There are a lot of choices these days, from individual window/wall units for a single room to whole-home ducted or HVAC systems. That’s why before we even talk about doing your air conditioning installation, Brisbane homeowners should be well informed about all of the options available to them. Our experts know our brands and models inside and out and are qualified to help you choose the right products for you.

When you’ve decided the type of system you want, we’ll provide a free estimate for your installation. A good contractor should provide not only a price estimate but schedule of how long it will take as well as answering any questions you have.Specialist Installs an Air Conditioner

Remember—credentials, training, experience, and references matter. If the contractor your hire does shoddy installation work on your AC units, or system, you could end up wasting a lot of time, money and hassle trying to get your system working right instead of having it up and running smoothly from the get-go.


You also need an expert you can trust to perform regular maintenance as well as repairs when the need arises. For starters, we strongly encourage our customers to let us schedule regular preventative maintenance. We can identify small problems and address them before they become big problems requiring costly repairs, take steps to keep your equipment running as efficiently as possible, and even prolong the life of your AC system.

However, when your system does malfunction, we are fully equipped, trained and qualified to respond quickly to your need for AC repair. Brisbane has long relied on our experts to show up when we say we will, evaluate your problem and give you a fair price estimate on parts and labour to get your system back up and running. We know what feels like when a house goes from cool and comfortable to stuffy and stifling because the AC isn’t working, so our experts take pride in providing you with fast, fair and quality service when you need it most. We’ll also take time to go over the problem and repair options with you in plain English.

For all your needs, from installation to emergency repair and everything in between, we welcome the chance to show why we’re Brisbane’s top name for AC expertise.

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